In my shop I have a few clocks, a cuckoo clock, a backwards clock, and a lazy clock. 

The cuckoo clock is a new addition to my shop given to me, and put together, by my brother Jason. Jason likes to tinker with clocks and it has been a hobby of his since we were kids. The outer part was something that he already had, but he had to put the movement inside together so he used parts that he already had laying around. His house is full of  antique clocks, it was only logical that he would put one together and give it to me for my shop. It's easy, too! I only have to wind it twice a week and it keeps perfect time. 

The backwards clock was my wife's Uncle Ronnie's clock. He was a barber in Virginia Beach and he had it hung up on the wall in his barber shop. Her cousin Albert inherited the  clock from him and had it hanging on the wall of his basement bar but when I opened my shop, he gave it to me and said, "Hang it on the wall."

Many people will come in and wonder what's wrong with it, not realizing it's backwards. The only way to properly read the clock is to look through a mirror, although sometimes kids will try to figure out what time it is without using one. There are only four times a day you don't need a mirror to tell the time. Can you guess what those are?

Then there's my lazy clock. There's really nothing special about it, but I call it my lazy clock because all I have to do is turn it around and back again when daylight savings time begins and ends. It's doubled sided so when I set the time, I made sure that all I would have to do it spin it and I would never have to change the time again, of course until the batteries die.