The Coffee Table

Another antique in the shop that's not so much asked about, but looked at, is the coffee table. It has a glass top that opens up.  I have have placed a number of random objects inside. 

As of right now, I have comic books, newspaper stories, well-wishes cards from co-workers when I retired, pictures, horse shoes, and shave soap. There's also various puzzles from my brother Jason; he will commonly come visit me, sometimes with more puzzles, and not always for a haircut,  but just to visit and talk about when we were kids. 

Last but not least, I have straight razors from a good friend, mentor, and fellow barber, Bill Keating. He has been a barber in Wilkes Barre for over 50 years and helped me throughout my journey of becoming a barber. 

If you ever stop in the shop, take a look inside and open it up if you'd like to play with a puzzle or to read a comic book; but please don't touch the razors.