Welcome to the Barber Shop

Welcome to Carey's Avenue Barber Shop. I am Daniel Carey, the barber of course. 

The purpose of this blog is to inform and amuse you with things in, around,and going on in the barber shop.  

In my shop I have multiple collectibles, antiques, and oddities. When customers come in, most will commonly ask about them, wondering why I have an air-boat propeller, a rubber band ball bigger than most people's heads, a hidden Dalek - for all of my Doctor Who fans, and so much more.

I plan to write every week about something, anything, that's in my shop, going on in the shop, and why I have the things I have in here. My shop is a history lesson of sorts, so come on down for a haircut or a hot towel shave and take a look around while you wait or after you're done. There's something in here for everyone to learn about and enjoy. 

As I close each week, I'd like to give you something different.  One other thing you may not know; but I am connected to about forty other Daniel Carey's on Facebook.  We have club called The Daniel Carey Society.  Every member differs in background and comes from all around the globe; but we all share one common thing, we are all named Daniel Carey.